Ham Radio Haiku

All are original works by Eric A. Snyder N7DLV

Another Field Day!
Biting insects fly around,
I need more bug spray!

As I scan the bands,
I hear the voices of Hams.
I LOVE this hobby.

Warm Summer evening,
Listening to the music
of code in my ears.

Rainy summer day.
Unable to do yard work,
I turn on the rig.

Hear the receiver.
Voices of friends fill the shack
this Summer morning.

Construction project
assembled as per the plans.
It is not working.

I gaze in wonder
as the ice forms on the beam.
Hoping it won't break.

A Field Day session,
as strategy is discussed.
Bonus points needed.

A Ham falls to death,
while removing a Yagi.
It is a sad day.

A ham radio
operator taps the keys,
and sends teletype.

Old, tube radios
for sale, cheap, at the Ham Fest.
Tubes are expensive.

Dont let the smoke out
of modern day radios!
They will stop working!

He is bowed with age.
Crooked hands reach for the key.
Perfect code is sent.

It's almost Summer.
Must get ready for Field Day.
I hope for good scores.

Watching the snow fall,
while listening on 80,
I sip my coccoa.

Field Day is over.
Wondering about the scores?
Wait till December.

Harvest moon rising.
Antennas in silhouette.
Echos of my voice.

Tapping out morse code,
I am calling to my friends.
I hear a reply.

Hams get together
and construct receiver kits.
A fun time by all!

Loud raucous static?
Broad band over power lines
must not be allowed.

I visit a friend
and look at his antennas.
I'm so envious.

Monster beam being
placed on top of the tower.
Big gun to Europe.

Warm summer evenings.
Loud static crashes will make
signals hard to hear.

The old and the new.
He passes on his knowledge.
My friend, the Elmer.

It is September.
Emergancy test is near.
Will you be ready?

A late Winter's eve.
Old equipment is turned on.
The tubes warm the shack.

A windy Fall Day.
Still have antenna projects.
Can they be finished?

The bands are open.
Signals heard on two meters.
Ducting to Europe.

The terminator
is along the beam heading.
I hear Trinadad.

The beam is tracking
the orbit of the OSCAR.
Warbling signals heard.

I sit and ponder
at how many Bonus Points
I'll get on Field Day.

An Amateur's code;
Provide communications
in emergencies.

Hide the transmitter
and see who can find it first.
It's called a fox hunt.

Home built antenna
is placed upon the tower.
Great satifaction

Flea Market tables
have lots of junk equipment.
Look deep for the prize.

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